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Guntur's Mega housing project at Visadala village

We are your most trusted partner in real estate in Guntur since 2010. We with huge experience being Guntur’s premier realtor, One of the most leading organizations with the unique understanding of the real estate in and around Andhra Pradesh with proven track records have housed many happy families and have kept our investor smiling. Offering best of the real-estates solution since then. We have a huge efficient team of professional executives who consistently strive to give our client best real estate solutions.

The below images show the plots of Visadala village, Medikonduru mandal, Guntur district. D.Nos 86/p,89 92 & 130 Etc. Which is going to be the part of new capital.

Each square yard is Rs 5000 for one year installment. Rs 5500 for two years installments. One Plot 200 square yards.

Real estate Guntur Sreenadh1 Real estate Guntur Sreenadh2 Real estate Guntur Sreenadh3 Real estate Guntur Sreenadh4 Real estate Guntur Sreenadh5 Real estate Guntur Sreenadh6

Real estate Guntur Sreenadh Highlights1 Real estate Guntur Sreenadh Highlights2

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Other general information about Guntur Real estate

Real estate Guntur

Real estate prices are doubled because Chief Minister's camp office will be formed on the premises of Nagarjuna University. Acharya Nagarjuna University is located between Vijayawada and Guntur.

RealEstate in this city is going in high speed because of the separation of the state Telangana from Andhra Pradesh.

Even rental prices have been increased.For middle class people, it will be out of their reach to purchase land in Guntur.

Prices suddenly raised when the anouncement about Telangana was made. We need to wait and see how the RealEstate in Guntur will be.

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The role of the government in real estate

Real estate in Guntur is recognised as an infrastructure service that is boosting the economic growth engine of the country.

The role of the Government has been instrumental in the development of the sector. With the Indian government trying to introduce good developer and buyer friendly policies, the shape for the real estate sector in 2014 looks promising.

Indian Real Estate

Guntur real estate scene

Real Estate is termed as the backbone of the Indian economy and it is termed correctly. Guntur real estate is also going to become the backbone of Andhra Pradesh economy.

Indian real estate contributes 6.5% of the nation’s GDP and employs over 5 crore people making it the second highest employer in the country (this comes after agriculture). Over the last couple of decades, the Indian real estate industry has grown very much and has attracted closed to $25 Billion in FDI. This number may grow to $180 Billion by 2020.

However Guntur real estate is moving fast but as compared to real estate market in India in 2013, the NCR real estate market has deteriorated, with a slump of 50% in new project launches and 22% slump in sales volume in first three months of year 2014. Also, over 40% of under construction projects have been delayed that is detaining buyers’ self confidence causing diminishing sales volume.

Real estate developers in Guntur and other metropolitan cities have opted digital media in a big way to boost their sales,the importance of print media is slowly getting down.Not only are the real estate developers finding digital media cost efficient but also more effective in rising conversion rates.

Real estate agents

Guntur real estate agents

Real estate agents, brokers are the real knowledgeable real estate market analysts in their field in Guntur... in most cases.

However, the verysuccessful real estate investors are also involved in local market statistics and they are quite adept at valuations.

Their focus is limited but, as they are usually working in limited price ranges and also tightly control the property types they want. Guntur real estate is the one which plays a very prominent role in real estate industry.

If you wish the respect and business of real estate investors, you have to think like them and understand their requirements and valuation practices.

Read books, take online courses, and attend some seminars. The more you think like an realestate investor the better you'll communicate with them.

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