About Guntur Real estate

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About Guntur Real estate

This website "realestateinguntur.in" gives a detailed and genuine information about Real Estate in Guntur. You can get information regarding the properties like houses,plots and flats. The projected company is forming the ventures from many years with a very good reputation.

For any other information reagrding Guntur real estate you can mail me to

my mail id- seegopi@gmail.com

Currently there are Plots for sale. These are available on installment basis.

Guntur Real estate Future

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The future of real estate in guntur seems to be good as Guntur is going to become the capital of the new Andhra pradesh. There is uncertainity in the prices. People suddenly increased the prices of lands. It has become difficult to estimate the real price of the market.

Government is taking stps to regularise the prices in the city. It will take a few months to get the real picture of guntur real estate. Already the price of the land which costs Rs.10 lakh last year costs around 2 crores now that means 20 times hike in the price.


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