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Our website Real Estate in Guntur gives information about reputed Guntur real estate ventures and companies in Andhra Pradesh which are 100% genuine. You can get individual Houses, Flats , Lands , and Apartment details present in Guntur real estate. There are so many good companies which are forming ventures in Guntur. You can get those Real estate companies details present in Guntur in this website. Good website for property selling and purchasing. Please mail on seegopi@gmail.com to know more information about Guntur real estate.

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Indian Real estate

Real Estate is termed as the backbone of the Indian economy and it is termed correctly. Guntur real estate is also going to become the backbone of Andhra Pradesh economy. Indian real estate Ventures contributes 6.5% of the nation's GDP and employs over 5 crore people making it the second highest employer in the country (this comes after agriculture). Over the last couple of decades, the Indian real estate industry has grown very much and has attracted closed to $25 Billion in FDI. This number may grow to $180 Billion by 2020.

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Real estate agents

Real estate agents, or brokers are the real knowledgeable real estate market analysts in their field in Guntur... in most cases. However, the verysuccessful real estate investors are also involved in local market statistics and they are quite adept at valuations. Their focus is limited but, as they are usually working in limited price ranges and also tightly control the property types they want. Guntur real estate is the one which plays a very prominent role in real estate industry. You can find a good real estate agent or broker in Guntur.

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GUNTUR - The already depressed realty sector is further expected to slip into a bigger crisis following the steep raise in the official land values across the state. With the buzz around the capital city construction not translating into actual business,builders are facing the heat from bankers who believe increase of land values might totally cripple the realty market.

Following the government directive, the Guntur administration increased the land values in the district by 20 per cent over the existing rates. The new rates came into effect from Monday. As per rules, buyers have to pay registration stamp duty which is 7.5 percent of the official land value.

Earlier, the official book value (as per government registers) would be much less than the open market values. This would give a relief to buyers. However, the government almost neutralized the relief by frequently raising the land values during the last three to four years, particularly in the urban areas. Now, the government rates are almost the same as the open market rates. The value of a single bed room flat is around Rs 35 lakh in the region. On this, the buyer has to pay nearly Rs 3 lakh rupee for stamp duty. With the increase of property values by 20 per cent, the buyers burden for stamp duty would be a much larger sum. "Already, the trend is discouraging. It is difficult for the common man to bear this additional burden,".

According to sources, over 8,000 to 9,000 fully constructed flats are lying vacant in and around Guntur city. Enthusiastic builders had made large investments expecting great demand after relocation of employees. To their utter shock, sales have dipped in the past few months, leaving the realty sector in doldrums. Sources said one builder completed construction of 120 flats near Gorantla on Guntur-Velagapudi Road but could market just 26 of them in the last six months. Even after reducing the per square foot price to Rs 2,600, the builder failed to make the sales.

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